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For sale

2017 set Northumbrian small pipes in F + for sale: 7 keys, 4 tuning beads, brass fittings, with bellows. Green velveteen cover. Hide bag.

Bellows available

Laburnum / Acacia

In good playing order


Due to recent interest in the Northumbrian D chanters, I have an example for sale. Plays well, and may be tried at my home address. Details below.


7-key D chanter in Rosewood with brass and artificial ivory fittings. Interchangeable stock in Rosewood / artificial ivory

PRICE £499.00 + P & P Reed included. Still available. I am making the set, which should be available in 2018.

Note that D chanters are quite different from F chanters, and some people prefer them. Besides pitch, the main difference is in playing technique, which uses the finger pads for the right hand lower notes. Close observation of players on Youtube confirms this to be the case. Notes available on the seven-key chanter are A B C# D E F# G G# A A# B C# D E F#.

SSP 'D' chanter for sale. Responds to Scottish fingering.

Tulip wood, petite cornemuse style, £110 includes reed.

# 1 in the photo. SOLD



mp3 file

mp3 file is of a 'D' set SSP

mp3 file

file is of a 'C' set SSP

Bellows example

The shape taken from a bellows by Robert Reid.

Elm / Brass / Leather

For details of these and other instruments call 01388 762620 or use email link above.

44 - (0)1388 762620 if calling from abroad

What you are saying

Very many thanks for the drone, which arrived safely this morning. It looks good. I. K. (Caerphilly)

I have really enjoyed playing on this set (SSP in C). R. R. (Newcastle)

Everyone who has heard your creation loves the sound of this instrument. V. G. (Los Angeles)

I still think they are a beautiful set and I get a great sound out of the drones and the A chanter. P. MacD. (Scotland)

The pipes arrived here on Wednesday of last week and I haven't put them down since. B. MacM (Nova Scotia)

It is sounding fine and it's great having the keys - the C# especially! S. P. (London)

I can play them now... I've only used the plastic reed so far but it plays easily, the bellows work well, and I'm off and running. H. E. (USA)

Sound is good. E. R. (USA)

They are playing very well. Easy to get a sound out of and the drones are very steady. D. L. (Canada)

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